We’re always delighted to receive feedback from satisfied customers. Here’s a sample of our recent emails:

SS loves his Connect:
I would just like to say thank you for your help & support regarding my recent purchase of my MTC Viper Connect 3x12x32 scope, I am extremely pleased with it & I am now looking to possibly buy another for my other rifle. I would like to thank everyone who helped me sort out with regards to the reticule problem I had especially Hannah, Adam, Josh & Tony for his advice also. I was extremely impressed with your showroom & wall of fame. I currently have Weirauch & BSA rifles but after experiencing your fantastic customer support I will be looking at buying a Daystate rifle when my funds allow, Once again thank you Kindest regards.

GH got just what he was looking for:
I was struggling to find flip up covers for my Vipers , I called MTC directly and was surprised they were available direct as spares, I ordered the said covers over the phone and a really reasonable price too , I was so surprised to receive the order the very next day. MANY THANKS MTC , WHAT A FABULOUS LEVEL OF SERVICE, only matched by your great scopes and the better than any other reticle , the SCB.

RB is full of praise for our customer service:
I just wanted to say a massive thank you for your amazing dedication to customer service. I had a very informative conversation with Sammy and decided to sell my 4-16×50 Viper and replace it for the fixed 10×44 to flatten out my aim points for HFT shooting. Then the follow up support has been fabulous to get it sorted for me. I cannot think of a way of comparing your customer service because it is by far the best service I have ever experienced and clear that MTC use their products with conviction as they believe they are selling top quality and know how to use them. Thanks guys.

AL is happy with his Viper:
… since then I have achieved 2 golds and a silver in the UKAHFT nationals. I am extremely happy with the Viper, and always sing its praises at competitions. I always meant to get back to you to say thank you for the great service, and offer of assistance. Your products and service are second to none and I feel the combination of my Steyr and Viper are going to help me achieve more this year. Thank you all again.

JB loves his Viper Connect:
I’d also like to say that I have never been so rapidly ‘at home’ with a scope before. For me the eyepiece position is ideal and once I had zeroed the scope I was consistently achieving  1cm groups at 30yds. I look forward to using the scope for many years to come. Thank you for a great product.

BA was impressed with his Genesis:
WOW, that’s the response I got about your new scope, I could only set it up so much in my garden , so I took it over to a gun club outskirts of Dover, I can tell both of you , they were blown away by it, the optics far far outshone anything there, it was a little bigger than most scopes at the range , but this put no one off.

A rifle shooter writes:
Hi there, I picked up my MTC Taipan 4-16×50 scope last night and put it on my .204 rifle. It looks superb, I fitted my Archer night vision on it to see what it was like, after a bit of adjustment I got the best picture Ii have ever seen, it was better than though my mate’s Night Force scope and that’s good but at £1800 when mine was £260 I am really pleased with it and would recommend it to anyone, Many thanks for the work you have put into this scope.

IT commented on his Taipan:
Not an enquiry really, more like praise for the MTC Taipan. Bought it new Tuesday and I am amazed at how bright and sharp the image is at all distances. The AMD reticule is brilliant even with my dodgy peepers. I am so impressed with this scope that I’m seriously thinking about getting another maybe a Viper or Mamba Light. Thank you for such a brilliant purchase. Many thanks.

RB just added a Viper to his Mambas:
I have been an avid user of your Mamba range of ‘scopes for a couple of years and have been impressed with the quality and accuracy. I moved up today to the Viper. I just had to say that I’m bowled over with this sight. Superb quality. Incredible value for money and the accuracy and consistency of this ‘scope is just, well, fantastic. I really just wanted to say thanks for bringing my shooting up to another higher level.

More praise for the Viper Connect from BW:
Whilst writing I would like to say how impressed I was recently with the Connect scope you now produce! One of my fellow club members bought one and I am seriously considering one for the new rifle I am planning to buy. It is incredibly different but VERY effective. I like to use high mag and it would be perfect if it went to 14x or 15x but I reckon the benefits of the wide FoV may well outweigh the limit of 12x for me. I reckon one would have to spend a lot more to find scopes that are better than MTC!